Istanbul tours Trip and Shore excursions

 Istanbul Tours Trip and Shore Excursions

Once called Byzantium than converted to Constantinople and Istanbul, she was capital for three different civilizations. It has unique location where combines Asia and European Territories to each other. The city of seven hills still playing important role for the history, culture, tradition, and business of Universe. Has a proud of having the most important monuments of Jewish, Christian, and Islam religion. Istanbul is the huge open air museum with its impressive monuments, beautiful Bosporus, seamless Grand Bazaar. Istanbul has over 14 million of population. Magical city offers orientation for Cuisine, shopping, impressive monuments, museums nightlife for every single need.

Highlights of Istanbul Shore Excursions

St .Sophia ; It was built 6 Century A.D dedicated to the Mother Mary, Huge size, pillars, marble decoration, mosaics are still impressive.

Topkapi Place: It was a city in to the City once had about 5000 population the hearth of Ottoman Empire and residential place of Ottoman Dynasty, Some of the belongings of Ottoman Sultans are exhibiting.

Blue Mosque; Located in the middle of Sultan Ahmet, Blue tiles, architecture and classical design of the mosque make it much more different than any others.

Under Ground Cistern Basilica; it was huge water cistern of ancient Istanbul it has over 360 ancient columns, the relief of Medusa is worth to see.

Grand Covered Bazaar: It has over 5000 shops from spice to the souvenirs provides private Istanbul Tours and Shore excursions since 1997 with personal touch service to Tour operators travel agents all size of groups families and individuals with well-educated official guides, with featuring selection of Turkish food at local restaurants. We do also offer customize Tours on request.

istanbul tours trip and shore excursions

istanbul tours trip and shore excursions

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